Wolverhampton is among the several new cities that are being added to the UK government’s Super Connected Cities program in April 2015 to enhance businesses’ broadband capacity in urban areas. Eligible SMEs, organisations and charities in the city will be able to apply for superfast broadband vouchers ranging from a couple of hundred pounds up[…]


The Super Connected Cities scheme is to be expanded to several new cities in the UK in April 2015. Eligible businesses in Swindon will be able to pay for superfast broadband vouchers to cover connection expansion costs up to £3,000. Additional costs like VAT and the resulting monthly subscription fees will not be covered by[…]


In April 2015, businesses in Swansea will be able to apply for the Super Connected Cities’ broadband voucher scheme, which has already been a success in cities like Newport. The UK scheme allocated £40m for the expansion of broadband services across urban areas. Small to medium sized enterprises in Swansea will be able to apply for a[…]


Broadband connection vouchers will soon be available to small businesses and organisations in Sunderland via the Super Connected Cities program. The scheme has been a success in several UK cities. Eligible SMEs, small organisations and charities can sign up for superfast broadband vouchers worth up to £3,000 and are accepted by a number of approved[…]


The Super Connected Cities scheme is being expanded to a several new cities, including Stoke on Trent. Small to medium sized businesses, organisations and charities in Stoke on Trent will be able to apply for a superfast broadband voucher of up to £3,000 and improve their business through rapid connectivity and communications. Applications will be[…]


Voucher schemes for SMEs in urban areas are being expanded to several new cities across the UK, including Stirling. Small to medium sized businesses, organisations, and charities will be able to apply for assistance in improving their broadband connections. Vouchers up to £3,000 can be claimed through the scheme and are accepted by a number[…]


Southend on Sea is to join the UK’s internet scheme Super Connected Cities in April 2015 where local businesses and organisations can bolster their broadband to improve their performance. Under the program, Southend on Sea businesses can apply for superfast broadband vouchers that can be used with a number of broadband providers, up to £3,000.[…]


Southampton is joining the growing list of cities involved in the UK’s superfast broadband vouchers scheme in April 2015. Super Connected Cities offers broadband vouchers up to £3,000 for SMEs to improve their business. Dozens of cities across the UK have already benefited from the scheme. Eligible businesses and organisations can use the vouchers a[…]


Sheffield is to be included in the growing list of UK cities involved in the Super Connected Cities broadband scheme in April 2015. With this program, small businesses and charities in Sheffield can apply for a superfast broadband voucher worth up to £3,000 to improve their broadband speed and capabilities, which will have a long[…]


From April 1st, small to medium sized businesses in Reading will be eligible to apply for vouchers under the UK’s Super Connected Cities initiative, which is tasked with getting more businesses online through superfast connections. Approved broadband vendors in the UK will accept vouchers from businesses in Reading, ranging from a few hundred pounds to[…]