February 26, 2015

Who’s Eligible

Where is Covered?

All of the UK is covered!


What classes an SME as Eligible?

A company need only be adhering to the following criteria;

  • Be complying to the European State Aid Rules
  • Must not be owned by or a subsidiary of a larger SME.
  • The SME must employ <250 people
  • The SME must have a balance sheet below €43m
  • The annual turnover must be below €50m
  • A required step change for the new connection is needed


The Connection

Your connection must adhere to the following to be viable for this upgrade;

  • The Connection will deliver a minimum of 100mbs and be able to handle the upgrade and support 1gbs
  • Doubling the speed does not apply when upgrading business grade ethernet or leased line connections if you are upgrading to a Next Generation Access Broadband Connection.
  • be able to handle at least a doubling of speed when compared to current connection.