February 26, 2015

Who’s Eligible

If you have already applied a gigabit Voucher, you cannot redeem another.

Multiple businesses in one address cannot redeem more than one voucher.

The Scheme will run till 2021 or uuntil the funding has been fully allocated.

Vouchers cannot be transfered.

Your current fibre internet Circuit must be able to offer a minimum of 100mbs and be capable of being upgraded to support 1gbs.

You must be an SME employing fewer than 250 persons.

Your annual turnover must be below €50m and your balance sheet must be below €43m.

Where is Covered?

All of the UK is covered!


What classes an SME as Eligible?

A company need only be adhering to the following criteria;

  • Be complying to the European State Aid Rules
  • Must not be owned by or a subsidiary of a larger SME.
  • The SME must employ <250 people
  • The SME must have a balance sheet below €43m
  • The annual turnover must be below €50m
  • A required step change for the new connection is needed


The Connection

Your connection must adhere to the following to be viable for this upgrade;

  • The Connection will deliver a minimum of 100mbs and be able to handle the upgrade and support 1gbs
  • Doubling the speed does not apply when upgrading business grade ethernet or leased line connections if you are upgrading to a Next Generation Access Broadband Connection.
  • be able to handle at least a doubling of speed when compared to current connection.