February 25, 2015

Why Go Gigabit?

Whats the Point?

In the Modern world, almost any business that is operating needs to have a solid, secure, reliable and most importantly FAST connection to the internet, cloud services, phone lines, Webinar hosting… the list goes on.

The Gigabit Voucher Cheme aims to provide SME’s with funding to bring them up to speed, giving them the connectivity and some future proofing for doing business on the internet.


The Voucher

Using one of the pre-registered packages. Up to £3000 can be covered by the voucher.

It also covers Router hardware up to £250, any new cirucuit connection costs. (or a monthly discount)

Any excess construction charges


Other Key Points

  1. Vouchers are not transferable
  2. Multiple businesses at the same location cannot combine voucher costs
  3. Only one voucher per business
  4. The voucher Scheme will run to 2021 or if the fund is fully allocated